Terms and Conditions:

Our policy is to provide Internet services for the family, home user and small business at the same price everywhere in Australia. If you live in the country, a town or a city, you will always pay the same price!

WellCom provides members with "affordable" services that the family can enjoy, which are designed to be shared by all members in a fair and equitable manner and not to be monopolized or abused by individuals at the expense of others. Dial up services are via local call access across the whole of Australia.

To maintain this quality of service for all members, WellCom does not supply services to large corporations or government departments at the expense of members and complies with legislation and directives that restrict sites distributing pirated music, software, hard core pornography and unsolicited e-mail (SPAM). WellCom does not allow you to send unsolicited or unwanted mail to individuals or individual business accounts.

New customers and members should be aware that our preferred method of payment is via credit card, however payment by cash, cheque or money order may be used.

If you intend to use WellCom for purposes not in keeping with this policy, you should make arrangements to find an alternative service more suitable to your needs.

WellCom provides FREE Customer Service on number 02 6845 4033 which is available Mon to Fri from 9am to 5pmNSW time. Out side of these hours there is a phone answering machine to leave any messages and we will usually get back to you within a few hours.

Email support is also available: support@well-com.net.au

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