Dialup Terms and Conditions

15.1 WellCom provides a service that is available twenty four hours a day to the standard active telephone jack in your premises and it is your responsibility to ensure that the access number provided by WellCom is a local call as calls from outside WellCom local call areas, may be subject to long distance or community call charges by your telephone company.

15.2 WellCom supplies a connection disk suitable for Win95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP to configure your computer correctly and you are responsible if you tamper with the WellCom settings or allow another Internet Service Provider's installation disk to alter or disrupt your WellCom internet settings and connection.

15.3 This service is subscription based only. Non usage of the account will continue to incur your monthly subscription fee unless you cancel in writing as per clause 13.

15.4 Your use of, or subscription to, WellCom (including any additional services offered from time to time) constitutes acceptance of, and is governed by, these Terms and Conditions.

16. Technical Conditions

16.1 During peak periods, network capacity may become limited and access is not guaranteed. Multiple logins are not allowed, terminal logins are not permitted and this service may not be used as a Permanent Modem Connection, Permanent IP address, Mail or Web Server or to provide any Publicly Available service.

16.2 For security reasons the system requires that you re-authenticate every 4 hours with a 20 minute enforced break between sessions. Attempting to connect during the enforced break will not be possible and your connection attempt will be rejected (repeated attempts to connect during the enforced break may incur additional telephone charges from your Telco). Automated attempts, devices or practices to avoid re-authentication are not permitted and your access to the system will be restricted if in our opinion you engage in activities which restrict or deprive access to fellow WellCom members.The system monitors for inactivity on your account and will automatically disconnect you if your session is inactive for more than 20 minutes (20 minute inactivity idle) to ensure fair access to all Members.

16.3 To ensure security on the network you can only access your e-mail address, provided you are connected to the WellCom service however you can collect your e- mails using our WebMail system from anywhere in the world without any restrictions.